• Fashion Design
  • Fashion Styling
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Foundation Program

Fashion Design

Fashion concept developmentDetails of fabric for sustainable fashion, Research themes & trends.
Explore fashion Ideas in 2D and 3D Create contemporary fashion Illustrations & Learn to ustilise resused material.
Design recycled garment based on a theme Design a garment using unconventional reused materials.
Fashion portfolio Planning, styling & execution of garment.
Final AssignmentStyle it, Shoot and Show.
Material kit will be provided by ITM IDM

Fashion Styling

History of StylingColor Basics and Color theory, Face & body analysis.
Forecasting & TrendsIdentifying trends, forecasting, best Industry practices, & contemporary editorial concepts.
Styling with AccessoriesUse of appropriate accessories to complete the look.
Photography basics as a stylistBest practices for Light, Camera, Action.
Assignment, Selecting One Niche Market SegmentBuild a styling portfolio in the digital era.
Final AssignmentCreating a Digital Photography Or a Styling Project.
Material kit will be provided by ITM IDM

Interior Design

Introduction to Interior DesignIntroduction to shapes and forms & Drawing sessions
Introduction to Model MakingUnderstanding concepts of Light & Shadow in Model making, inspired by teachings of a Swiss-French Design Legend Le Corbusier & Creating the Models.
Introduction to Orthographic and Isometric DrawingUse Models from Day 2 to create structures, Photograph a Street View & Learn Perspective Drawing using the pictures shot from diferent Angles.
Introduction to Spatial DesignConcept creation, Selection of Space, Building Materials, Lights, Furniture and finalising Models.
Landscape, Display & Create a Portfolio
Final AssignmentSetting-up, Shoot Portfolio & Design Display.
Material kit will be provided by ITM IDM

Visual Communication

Introduction to Visual CommunicationAdvertising & Creative development of a Brand's Journey.
Strategy and Creative PlanningDeveloping a Brand by understanding the target audience.
Advertising & Creative Development ProcessCreating a rough Advertising Layout.
Advertising & Creative Development Process ContinuedSelecting elements such as Logo, Fonts, Colours, /images, Products etc. relevant to the chosen Brand.
Final AssignmentPresentation and discussion of the creatives with Industry Expert Jury
Material kit will be provided by ITM IDM